Middle East Pipes & Fittings LLC (MEPF) was established in 2008 with the goal of providing quality equipments & professional service to oil & gas, petrochemical, refining, power, water & waste water industries in Oman. Our activities cover sponsorship to international companies interested to do business in the country, agency representation providing marketing, logistics & project execution support, provision of specialized services viz. inspection, material testing, drilling services, water well drilling, stock & trade of products & consumables etc. It is providing local marketing & business support to several major international companies and partners them in implementation of specialized projects. MEPF is a registered vendor & service provider for a range of products & services in their domain to all the oil & gas companies, Refinery, Ministries & Public Departments, EPC contractors and other major clients. Within this short period, MEPF has gained the reputation to be a reliable partner for customers in solving their business needs.

The company is committed to providing its clients with the best possible service and the provision of equipment and material at the best value for money prices, without in any way compromising on Quality, Business Principles, Health, Safety and Environmental Protection, and Staff Welfare. Similarly the Company is committed to providing its business associates and suppliers with the best possible opportunities for the development of their business and the promotion of their products and services

The Company is determined to meet any and all future challenges, by creating performance driven relationships with both the customer, and also support associates in order to achieve and maximize the quality of performance. By ensuring the effective application of the Quality Management System, this will enable the Company to gain a better understanding of the customer’s requirements, thereby enabling the Company to assist the client in achieving his objectives. Such an objective will enable the customer to gain full confidence in the quality of service and support the Company is able to provide, and enable a mutually rewarding relationship to be established..

The Company will continue to apply its policy of identifying and selecting issues, which can be addressed with the aim of achieving Performance Excellence. Such policies contribute to generating a harmonious relationship both within the Company and also with the customer, which in turn leads to a trusting relationship. This approach enables specific practices to be identified and applied which are designed to enhance the Company’s professionalism and competence

The Company recognizes that a sustainable and competitive business must have employment practices which are fair, and in the best interests of the Company and the employee. The Company believes in the continuous improvement in the competency of the workforce through assessment and training.

Health, Safety and Environmental Policies
The Company will stimulate and apply a policy of continuous Health, Safety and Environmental Protection awareness and will be proactive, supportive in all relevant matters leading to improvement in HSE performance. The Company will ensure that effective policies are introduced to promote safe practices and behavior in the workplace, identification of areas for HSE improvement, open sharing of information related to accidents and incidents, and to communicating best practices.

Business Ethics
The Company values openness, trust, credibility and integrity of paramount importance to the generation of business relationships between the Company and its customers and associates. Such business ethics are an essential ingredient for ensuring transparency in interpreting and applying rules and regulations, and abiding by contractual agreements established between Company and its customers and business associates.
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