Ø  Line Pipes and Tubing:-

·    Welded (LSAW) Pipes in CS, SS, DSS, SDSS & other alloys, Metallurgical bonded pipes

·    Casing, Tubing, OCTG, Drill Pipes, Line Pipes

·    Multi stage tube coils, cylindrical coils, pre-heater coils, pipe bundles, multiway spiral & flat coils, headers etc.

·    Seamless Tubing in CS, SS, Titanium and other alloys

·    Large diameter Welded Pipes in CS

·    Ductile Iron Pipes & Fittings


Ø  Fittings and Flanges:-

·    Branch Fittings in CS,SS,DSS and other alloys

·    B W Fittings in CS, SS, DSS and other alloys

·    Flanges in CS, SS, DSS and other alloys

·    Orifice Plates, Flange Assemblies

·    PTFE Lined Pipe Systems


Ø  Valves and Strainers:-

·    Plug valves

·    Ball, Gate, Globe, Check & Butterfly valves

·    Abrasion-resistance Valves, Cryogenic Valves, High Pressure Hydrogen and Oxygen Valves, Process Valves

·    Special valves for severe applications

·    High pressure valves

·    Pressure Reducing Valves, Pressure Relief & Safety Relief valves

·    Dual Plate Check Valves

·    Control Valves

·    Y-Type ,T-Type, Conical , Basket Strainers


Ø  Instrumentation Tubing, Fittings, Valves & Manifolds:-

·    Tubing, compression fittings, valves, manifolds

·    Level / flow / pressure / temperature switches, transmitters, valves & manifolds


Ø  Heaters, Boilers, Flares & Gas Generation Plants:-

·    Flares, stacks

·    CP anodes, Platinized Ti/Nb, Chlorinator, Ozonator, Anode re-furbishing

·    Process gas waste recovery systems

·    High temperature heaters, water tube steam generators

·    Gas generation plants (H2, CO, CO2, Inert gas), Incinerators

·    Heat transfer systems

·    Electric heaters – all types

·    Refractories, Bricks


Ø  Pumps & Compressors:-

·    Screw compressors

·    Process gas compressors

·    API 610 Pumps, Radial & Axial Submersible Pumps, Centrifugal Multi Stage horizontal & Vertical Pumps, Pumps for Process Industries

·    High pressure pumps

·    Vacuum pumps & systems

·    Centrifugal pumps


Ø  Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers & Vessel Internals:-

·    Heat Tracing System

·    Boilers’

·    Plate heat exchangers

·    Vessel internals, column trays

·    Efficiency enhancement for Heat Exchangers & air Coolers


Ø  Drilling Equipments & Services:-

·    QA / QC for 2D, 3D Seismic Acquisition & Data Processing

·    Drilling rigs, Management of drilling operation, Specialist Manpower for drilling

·    Rig Inspection services

·    Specialist manpower for upstream -  exploration & drilling services

·    Water well drilling, production testing

·    Wellhead & Christmas Tree

·    Cementing equipments, Float Shoes, Float Collars, Centralizers


Ø  Electrical Equipment & Services:-

·    Wellhead control panels

·    LV cables, Instrumentation & control Cables


Ø  Lifting Equipments:-

·    Flame Proof EOT Cranes and Hoists


Ø  Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Project Management:-

·    Multidisciplinary Engineering & Construction company specializing in Bulk Liquid Storage Tank Terminals, Off sites, Utilities, Pipelines, Process Plants or Topside Facilities, Fuel Ethanol Plants, Bio Diesel Plants, Used Oil Recycling Plants

·    Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Management for downstream petrochemical and oil & gas projects

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